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Executive Assistant

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2021-08-02 19:46:57 UTC

Thank you for applying to the Executive Assistant position at Heartbeat!

We are excited that you’re interested in working with us and look forward to reviewing your application.

Here is a short task that we would love for you to complete to give us a better sense of your skill level as we evaluate candidates


  • Collect a list of 30 community admins and map out the social network path you took to find them

    • Look through the followers & following of the community experts below to find other community admins that match our criteria

      • Lais Oliveira (@isolive)

      • Lolita Taub (@lolitataub)

      • Rosie Sherry (@rosiesherry)

      • Criteria: A community admin that matches our criteria must have a niche community that they are building, at least 100 followers on Twitter, and at least 50 tweets or posts. The original 3 people above should be good examples of a community admin who meets our criteria

    • For each community admin, collect their core stats of # of followers, # of following, # of posts, username, profile URL, niche, and who led you to this person

    • Traverse the social network at least 5 layers deep


  • Submit it as a Google Slides, with each community admin having their own slide

  • Organize it however you see fit

  • Share with timi@heartbeat.chat* with the subject line “EA Application”

  • Email us to let us know you completed the assignment and a link to the slideshow

Thank you and good luck :)

Remote restrictions

  • Workday must overlap by at least 6 hours with New York, NY, USA