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💻 Senior Full Stack Engineer

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  • Full-time
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Posted on January 18, 2022

💖 About Heartbeat

Heartbeat is a plug-and-play online community builder. Our goal is to enable a world where anyone can find their tribe & be their true selves on the internet.

On Heartbeat, creators can build a tailored community with all the building blocks they need — threads, chats, voice calls, docs, calendars, user directory, matchmaking, analytics, integrations and more.

We founded Heartbeat a year ago, and used that time to...

  • build a beautiful, feature-rich product across web, desktop, iOS, and Android

  • bring on customers that are creating engaging, inclusive, and genuine communities

  • assemble a world-class team of builders, advisors, and investors with experience crafting billion-dollar products

✅ What you'll do...

  • Work with the team to scope & prioritize new features

  • Write maintainable, thoughtful code and documentation

  • Improve our internal development experience to be stable, efficient & resilient

  • Monitor our production environment and work with users to identify & resolve bugs

😍 You'll enjoy this role if you...

  • Enjoy being a generalist and working on different kinds of problems

  • Want to have a strong influence on the direction of the product

  • Thrive working in an autonomous environment

  • Are naturally curious and enjoy learning & experimenting with new technologies

🤔 Some problems we've worked on recently...

  • Improving type safety across different IDs with opaque types

  • Efficiently matching community members via max weight matching & linear programming

  • Implementing lightning-fast deploys, E2E-tests & deploy previews with LayerCI

  • Creating our initial design system with styled-components

🔨 What you might work on...

  • Implementing a seamless federated search that allows users to search through discussions, content & events from one place

  • Building better moderation tools for community admins that allow them to thoughtfully manage their community

  • Enabling creators to monetize their community in a variety of ways by integrating in-app payments throughout the platform

  • Establishing our app ecosystem to allow external developers to build custom apps within Heartbeat

  • And much more!

🔍 What we're looking for...

  • Experience working with Javascript / Typescript, or experience with a similar language & the ability to pick up new languages quickly

  • A strong understanding of what well-designed software looks like

  • Experience working on a large project & developing features across the web stack

  • Empathy for users and the desire to carefully craft delightful user experiences

  • Clear communication skills

  • The ability to balance long-term best practices and iterating & shipping quickly

  • A love for building & experimenting with products

⭐️ Bonus points if you...

  • Have experience building realtime applications

  • Have experience building iOS / Android apps

  • Have experience building public APIs / SDKs

  • Founded a company before

🥞 Our Stack

We love Typescript! Our entire stack is type-safe from the initial database call to the last React prop. Developer experience is a priority for us, and we're not afraid to spend time improving internal tooling if it will allow us to ship faster and/or better.

Technologies we use:

  • NodeJS / Express

  • React / Redux

  • React Native

  • Electron

  • RethinkDB

  • Netlify

  • AWS

  • Terraform

  • LayerCI

  • Cypress

  • NX

  • NextJS

Remote restrictions

  • Workday must overlap by at least 5 hours with Atlanta, GA, USA